Who Are We?

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create an innovative educational institution in the heart of Sydney South West with the best possible opportunities offered to students to excel academically and maximise their potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every student with the opportunity to practice skills attained by undertaking real life learning based on global needs and values. Our dedicated staffs provide a student-focused approach to ensure a supportive, individualised and innovative learning experience. The IBMA is committed to the achievement of excellence in education. Every student’s success is the IBMA’s success.

Team Work

  • We work together to achieve our vision, mission and objectives.


  • Our team is passionately committed to delivering quality educational experiences and expanding all learners’ horizons.


  • We strive for the highest quality in every area of our organisation.


  • We respect all of our clients and stakeholders by providing a caring IBMA community based on openness, fairness and friendship. At the IBMA, we recognise that with rights come responsibilities to our clients, our stakeholders and ourselves.


  • We act responsibly and honestly in everything we do.


  • We promote intercultural awareness and understanding through authentic experiences both within the IBMA community and the broader Australian and global community